The BEST Workout Style For Building Muscle FAST…


Notes From Video:

Lifting heavy:

  1. rep range 3-8
  2. activates fast twitch muscle fibers (which have the most potential for growth)
  3. requires more rest in between sets
  4. requires more sets in order to get enough volume in for hypertrophy


Lifting light:

  1. rep range 10-20
  2. uses mostly slow twitch muscle fibers
  3. doesn’t requires as much rest between sets
  4. requires less sets in order to achieve hypertrophy


How to perform heavy drop sets:

  1. Do your 3 max rep on your given exercise
  2. Rest for 10 seconds
  3. Drop weight down 5%
  4. perform another set for as many reps as possible (to failure)
  5. Rest for 10 seconds again
  6. Drop weight 5%
  7. Perform one last set to failure
  8. Now rest for 3-5 minutes and repeat steps 1-7

Use this method when you are bulking and use it on all your heavy compound movements and I guarantee you will make some serious gains.

This is the most effective way to lift heavy and get tons of volume in to attain muscle hypertrophy. You should only perform 2-3 sets for any given exercise as these workouts are very fatiguing and effective. Anything more and your setting yourself up for over-training.

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