Jeff Seid’s Transformation – Learn His Workout Routine, Diet & Meal Plan

Jeff Seid, is a professional fitness model and bodybuilder. He was born in Renton, Washington on 06/12/1994. He is best known for his bodybuilding and amiable look. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 88 kilograms. Millions of people follow him on social media for his aesthetic looks. He uses this fame positively to promote healthy living and inspire thousands of people. Here is a look at how he has transformed over the years and what he has been doing to get there.

Jeff Seid Workout Routine & Transformation

Jeff-Seid transformation

Jeff has always had a desire to have huge muscles all over his body just like his role model Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was only 12 years old when he decided to start working out. Jeff wanted to achieve his dream so badly that he asked his parents for a weight set on his 12th birthday. To achieve this, he became very dedicated to his workout. He enjoyed going to the gym every day. He also pushed himself to do many reps, and that helped him get the desired results faster than he anticipated.

Although he worked out at the gym every day, he ensured that he regularly changed his workouts to engage all his body parts equally. He made sure to focus on various body parts so that the others could rest at that time. This is how he was able to increase his bulk without staying out of the gym from pain for excessively overworking some parts of his body more than others. Here is what his daily workout routine has been.

Monday: Chest Workout

  • Super set – He takes on the Incline bench – he does 4 sets of ten,eight,eight, six, failure
  • Incline flys, he does 4 sets of ten, eight, eight, six
  • Cable crossovers – Here, he does 4 sets of fifteen, ten, eight, eight
  • The dumbbell flat bench: 4 sets of ten, eight, eight, six
  • Dips: Four sets of failure
  • Incline Pec Machine: three sets of ten
  • Push Ups: three sets of failure
  • Single set – Pullovers: three sets of fifteen
  • HIT Cardio – 30 minutes

Tuesday: Back Workout

Single set – Deadlifts: four sets of fifteen, ten, eight, six
Super set – Bent Over Rows: four sets of twelve, ten, eight, eight
– Chainsaws: four sets of twelve, ten, right, eight
– T-bar Rows: four sets of twelve, ten, ten, eight
– Wide Grip Pull Ups: four sets of failure
– Seated Rows: four sets of ten, eight, eight, six
– Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs: four sets of twelve, ten, eight, eight
Single sets – Good Mornings: three sets of twelve

Wednesday: Leg Workout

Single set – Squats: five sets of fifteen, ten, eight, six, four
Super set – Front Squat: four sets of twelve, ten, eight, six
– Hack Squat: four sets of twelve, ten, eight, six
Single set – Leg Press: four sets of ten, eight, eight, six
Super set – Quad Extension: four sets of twelve, ten, eight, eight
– Lying Leg Curls: four sets of twelve, ten, eight, eight
Single set – the Standing Calf Raises: four sets of fifteen
Single set- the Donkey Calf Raise: four sets of fifteen
Single set – the Seated Calf Raises: four sets of fifteen
HIT Cardio – 30 minutes

Thursday: Shoulder Workout

Tri set – He does the Dumbbell Shoulder Press: four sets of ten, eight, eight, eight
– Front Lateral Raises: four sets of twelve, ten, ten, eight
– Side Lateral Raises: four sets of twelve, ten, ten, eight
Super set – Arnold Press: three sets of ten, eight, eight
– Cable Upright Rows: three sets of ten
– Bent Over Lateral Raises: three sets of ten
– Front Half Way Barbell Raise: three sets of fiften
Single set – Shrugs: four sets of fifteen

Friday: Arm Workout

Super set – Barbell Curls: four sets of ten, ten, eight, eight
– Incline Bench Skull Crushers: four sets of twelve, ten, ten, eight
– Pushdowns: four sets of ten
– Incline Curls: four sets of ten
Single set – Kickbacks: four sets of ten
– Concentration Curls: four sets of ten
– One Arm Extensions: four sets of ten
HIT Cardio – 30 minutes

On Saturdays and Sundays, he takes a rest.

Jeff Seid Diet and Meal Plan

In addition to the above workout plan, Jeff made serious changes to his diet. First, he began taking food supplements along with each meal every day. For his first meal, he had Chromium Picolinate(200mcg) and 1 Animal Pak. With workouts as well as 1st and 7th meals, he had glutamine(1tsp). For the 2nd and 4th meals following a workout, he took mass gainer (1 serving). Before workouts, he took Netrex Hemo Rage Black (2 servings). During and after workouts, he had creatine monohydrate(1tsp) and vitamin C(200mcg). Before retiring to bed, h took ZMA(1 serving) and 2 scoops of casein protein.

When it came to his diets, Jeff tried different items to discover what worked best for him. For instance, in the morning when he woke up, he would take one banana with oats as well as eggs. His second meal would contain mass gainer alongside milk and flaxseed oil. He would also take food very rich in carbohydrates such as sweet potato and brown rice, with very lean poultry or fish, and many leafy greens. All his meals were balanced with fats, carbohydrates and proteins in order to give his body the right kind of nutrients. Overall, Seid would take eight different meals during the day, from morning to when he retired to be.

Is Jeff Seid Natty or on Steroids?

jeff seid natty or steriods imageJeff was the youngest pro to compete in the history of IFBB. Many people wonder if he uses steroids. The truth is, most of the time when someone uses steroids, the muscles usually pop up within a short time. Seid has great genetics in burning fat and building muscle. In fact, he hasn’t changed much from when he was a teenager. His body is almost the same. It is not easy to add muscles naturally and most of the time it take long. Jeff may be young, but he started working out at the age of 12! It has been 10 years since he started working out on a daily basis. Thus, his current body can be attributed to nothing but regular workout and proper diet.
Jeff says Steroids are not “his thing”

In a video taken while Jeff was working out, he says he fails to understand why anyone who wants to get an aesthetic look would use steroids. This is because he believes that anyone can naturally be muscled up from working out consistently and watching what they eat. However, he mentions that one can use steroids depending on what their body goal is. He also says that it is not necessary for anyone to take steroids. He says that he wants a healthy look and lifestyle and that steroids will certainly get in the way of achieving that. In this video, he seems very genuine. He is doing a good job encouraging young people to choose the natural way of building up muscle. But in order to achieve this, he say that you need expert knowledge on nutrition and training.

He Does Not Show Signs of Steroids Use

There are certain signs that show when one is using steroids. Below are some of these side effects, which Jeff does not seem to have:
● His hair is still very thick – taking steroid for years thinks/recedes the hair. If Jeff used steroids especially during puberty this would be evident
● He does not have any known case of gyno
● He does not have acne – Most users of steroids get acne.
These are some of the things suggesting that Jeff is not on steroids.


jeff seid working outThere are different reasons why people work out. Some do it to keep fit, others to be bodybuilders and compete in bodybuilding competitions, and others want to be fitness models. No matter what your reasons are, you have to work hard every day to achieve your dream. Leave healthy by eating well and exercising regularly. The young man Jeff has proven that anything is possible as long as you put your mind and heart into it. He advises people to stay focused to their course and know that haters will always be there. But this should bring anyone down or distract them from achieving their goals in life. So, if you want a body lie Jeff’s, you have to work for it. Good luck!

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