How to Attain The Almighty V-Taper Look?


Below is a great example as to why you need to focus on spesific muscle groups if you want to achieve a great V-taper.

Just stacking muscle on your body without having a vision of what you want to look like isn’t going to help you achieve the beach body V-taper look. Here is what I mean:




SEE what I mean now… the guy on the LEFT is 230 pounds of muscle and the guy on the RIGHT is about 200 pounds of muscle. They are roughly the same body fat, so that means the guy on the LEFT has roughly 30 pound of muscle compared to the other guy… YET, the guy on the right has a much nicer looking physique!!!

This is because his proportions are much nicer and he has a very nice looking V-taper.

Now do you understand why just trying to stack as much muscle on the body isn’t always the smartest thing to do?

It doesn’t matter how big or how much muscle you add to your body… if you don’t put it in the right areas you are not going to have a nice looking body…


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