About Krush Fitness

“My Mission is to help YOU achieve your dream body while doing it in a enjoyable fashion!”

Hey There Preston here and welcome to Krush Fitness!

So if you’re like most people you have been fed lie after lie when it comes to burning fat and building muscle.

There is soooo much false information out there teaching weight loss and muscle building methods that just DON’T work and it makes me sick.

Krush Fitness was started for one reason, to give you the simplest, most effective way to lose weight and build muscle without over complicating things. Lets face the fact, if fitness is over complicated it’s just NOT fun… this is why so many people give up before they even start with their fitness journey.

I am  here to give you the necessary tools and information to change your body. Whether you want to shred unwanted body fat or put pounds of muscle on your physique I am here to help you Krush your fitness goals!

“Your Fitness journey starts and ends with Krush Fitness!”


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